Monday, June 20, 2011

Richard Peters - 2012

Measuring 6'10 and 250lbs, Richard Peters has the ability to have an effect on a basketball game in a variety of ways. His size and length give him the ability to block shots inside, while his low post moves and soft shooting touch allows him to get opponents post players both away from the basket, and into foul trouble. Richard's best quality may be that he is a great communicator on the floor. Richard is always helping his teammates, and calling out directions from his post position. Richard also can shoot with some consistency out to the free throw line extended and can finish in transition. Richard prefers to catch on the block and face the basket, and his face up game is tough to stop when Big Rich is going strong.

Richard needs to improve with his back to the basket a little more, as I'd like to see him develop a quicker and more reliable move without facing up. Richard also needs to continue to work on his body and his endurance so he can run the floor better than he does at this time. Richard also needs to become a little bit more consistent with his effort rebounding. When he wants to, nobody can keep Big Rich from coming down with a crucial rebound, but at times, he seems less inspired.

Overall, Richard Peters is a long, talkative player who has the size and skills to excel at the next level.

Richard has decided to commit to Washington State. I expect Richard to contribute to the Cougars by rebounding and playing spurts of physical basketball against other Pac-12 bigs. Below are video links of Richard on the court. Please don't hesitate to contact me at with questions about Richard.

Full game vs. Impact in the next 3 links, #21 blue:

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