Saturday, December 31, 2011

Dillon Smock - 2012 PG

Dillon Smock is a tough, hard-nosed point guard who has a quick first step that he uses to get into the lane easily and with consistency. The 6' left handed guard is physically strong, and plays with a high motor. He has a good jumpshot that he uses to stretch the defense, and when closed out high, he drives to the rim, or passes out to his teammates outside. Dillon is a solid defender and consistently keeps other guards in front of him. He also is not afraid to get inside and battle for rebounds. He compares well with 2011 Westwind Graduate and Current D2 freshman Guard Nikola Nikolic.

To improve his game for the next level, Dillon needs to become an even better shooter. Dillon also has a tendency to try to do too much at times, which can have a negative effect. Dillon, a Perry HS 2011 graduate is a full qualifier, and is a high academic student. He has a strong work ethic, and comes from a basketball family (his father, Trent Smock played at Indiana for Bob Knight). Dillon is a point guard who has been improving this season at Westwind Prep, and would be a smart pick up for teams in need of depth at the guard position.

Please contact me at with questions about Dillon. We are excited to show that he will be a success at the college level.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Gary Payton II - 2012

A 6'2 left handed Point Guard, Gary Payton II is a long, smart player who has excellent court awareness and off-ball skills. Gary has very adept ball skills, and is a decent passer as well. An extremely athletic player, Gary frequently plays above the rim, and uses his athleticism to be a force on the glass. Gary's best skill, however, is his defense, and it separates him from other point guards in his class. Gary uses his length to disrupt the ball, and create turnovers. Payton is difficult to beat with the ball, and his reactions and skills make him difficult to play against when he is off the ball. Gary makes a great addition to the Westwind team because he uses his defensive skills to create turnovers, keep opponents out of their offense, and start the fast break. The best thing about Gary is his ability to do a little bit of everything. He is smart and aware, which helps him anticipate and react to the action.

Gary needs to improve in his ability to shoot from the 3 point line with consistency. Gary is effective around the basket, and can shoot up to 20 feet, but not with a high enough percentage to be a real threat from the outside. Gary needs to develop consistency in his shot to become an offensive threat from every spot on the perimeter. Gary could also be benefitted by gaining more muscle in order to withstand the physicality of the college game. He is has been putting in work in the Westwind weight room and is seeing results.

Gary has recieved interest from schools in the Atlantic Sun and Big Sky conferences so far this season, notably Portland State and Mercer. He currently holds an offer from Florida A & M.  Wherever he goes, I expect Gary to immediately make an impact on the defensive end of the floor. I would be suprised if Gary was not an all-league defensive player at least once during his collegiate carreer. Click below for a highlight film of Gary Payton II.
To learn more about Gary Payton II, please contact me at We are happy to have Gary and his work ethic at Westwind, and are excited for a good season with him on the court and in the classroom.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Martyre Demarco - 2012

Martyre Demarco is a tough, good shooting 6'4 combo guard. He has a long frame, an excellent work ethic, and great control of his upper body. Martyre can create his own shot, and play through contact. He is an excellent passer, a good communicator, and is also a good defender. What separates Demarco from others like him is his ability as a scorer. Martyre is an excellent shooter coming off of screens and when he catches and shoots. However, his real strength is creating for himself off of the dribble. Martyre has an excellent step back jump shot. He has excellent control on his upper body, so he is able to create space and angles to shoot over taller defenders. He can get this shot off from nearly anywhere on the floor, and Martyre is not afraid to create when the offense breaks down. Martyre also finishes well through contact and runs the floor well in transition.

Martyre's biggest area for improvement is in his quickness. Defensively, he uses his length well to keep quicker guards in front of him, but he needs to become a more light footed defender so he can put more pressure on multidimensional guards that he will see in college. Martyre is easy to coach and takes instruction well. He has been working hard this year, and I don't see any reason why he wouldn't improve in this area.

Martyre played his first three years at Shadow Mountain HS in Phoenix, AZ before moving to California and playing his senior season at Redondo Union HS outside of L.A. He averaged over 20ppg for his last two seasons at Shadow Mountain, and scored 19ppg last season for Redondo Union. Martyre is going to be an excellent addition to a program that is looking for a scoring guard.

I expect Martyre to end up going to a low to mid major Division 1 school, or a high D2 school if he feels it is a better fit. Currently, he is recieving interest from UC-Davis, Louisiana Tech, and Hawaii Pacific.
Below are links to video of Martyre. Please contact me at with any questions about Martyre Demarco.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Tuff Barnes - 2012

Tuff Barnes is a physical face up post man who has a high work ethic on and off the court. At 6'6, Tuff is physical and uses his frame well to get position on his defenders. He is quick enough to defend on the perimeter, and is an above average rebounder. Tuff finishes around the rim well, and crashes the offensive glass efficiently. Tuff is long, which helps defensively, and can hit the mid range jump shot with consistency. He prefers to face the basket, but also is effective on the low block with his back to the glass. Tuff also runs the floor extremely well for a post player. Tuff is a low risk, high reward player because of his height, frame, and mindset. he will be a consistent and solid player at the D2 or NAIA level.

This season with Westwind Prep, Tuff needs to get stronger and work on his quickness. He needs to add about 15 lbs to his frame to get up to 210lbs to be more effective, and to withstand the beating that posts take during a collegiate season. Tuff has been well coached in the Scottsdale Christian system, but needs to become quicker in order to guard more athletic, face up 3-4s on the perimeter.

With Tuff, you know what you're going to get. He is a hard working forward who listens and gives maximum effort. Tuff is a smart player who has good reactionary skills and reads plays well. He will rebound the ball, defend a variety of spots, and will be effective in a variety of offensive situations.

Tuff has recieved interest from quality schools at the D2-NAIA levels. He would prefer to stay on the west coast, and hopes to find a spot in a University or Christian School in California. Moving outside the west coast is not a deal breaker for Tuff, as he understands the right fit may be elsewhere. Tuff is currently recieving the heaviest interest from San Diego Christian.

For more information on Tuff, please contact me at

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Creshawn Jude - 2012

Creshawn Jude is a highly effective shooting guard out of Christ the King High School in New York City. This season, Creshawn will be working through a post graduate basketball season at Westwind Prep. At 6'1 and 170lbs, Creshawn has a typical 2 guard frame. His wide shoulders allow him the room to grow into a very physical and tough player. Creshawn has shown consistency and range on his jump shot that are going to serve him well at the next level. He plays hard. Listens and works in practice, and is improving every day. His defensive fundamentals are solid, he has good explosion off of his first step, and he battles in every situation. Because of his consistent jump shot, Creshawn compares favorably to 2011 Westwind graduate Dushon Carter who recently signed with D2 Western State in Colorado.

During this season, Creshawn needs to become a stronger and more physical player. He has a tendency to stay on the perimeter, and needs to mix it up in the key a little more often. While his instincts are good, he needs to become more confident with the ball, so he can create more opportunities for himself and his teammates. Throughout our practices so far, Creshawn has improved in all of these areas. In the weight room, Strength and Conditioning coach Matt Allen has been pushing him, and will continue to do so all year.

Look for Creshawn to take a big leap forward this year and develop into a highly effective high D2 guard. Before deciding to play a year of prep, Creshawn has drawn  interest from many quality programs. He lists: NJIT, Adelphi, LIU:CW Post, Queens, St. Thomas Acquinas, and Sage College of Albany.

If you have any questions about Creshawn, do not hesitate to contact me at

Friday, July 29, 2011

Kareem Canty - 2012

Westwind Prep's Kareem Canty is an extremely talented point guard whose strengths lie in his ability to push tempo and get into the lane. Kareem is at his best when he pushes in transition, and goes straight to the rim. From the key, he makes pinpoint passes to his posts to attack help. He also finishes strong at the rim, through contact, or with a decent floater that he can finish over taller defenders. Kareem also plays the 2 man game as well as any guard, as he uses the screen well, and sees the floor better than most point guards his age. Kareem changes speeds well, and is deceptive in his movement. He has the unique ability to make shots easier for his teammates, which is where he is at his most effective. Kareem has the ability to take over a close game, and is a determined competitor that hates to lose.

Kareem needs to improve in a few areas during this season at Westwind Prep. First of all, Kareem needs to become a more consistent jump shooter. While his midrange game is impressive, he needs to become more of a threat from the three point line in order to draw defenders out to him. Kareem also needs to take his determined competetive streak to the defensive end of the floor on every possession. Kareem needs to become much more consistent in this area as he has a tendency to take plays off. I am happy to report, that so far this has changed since he's come to Westwind.

Kareem has a strong desire to be the best at his position, and he has improved during this season at Westwind Prep. He brings an intensity and desire to win that is hard to find at the prep level. I expect Kareem to contribute immediately at Marshall University after this season at Westwind.

Kareem held offers from Seton Hall, Florida State, Miami, Xavier, Marshall and many other top level schools. Kareem committed to Marshall on 10/1/11. He is rated the #9 pg in the 2012 class by, and 13th by Please contact me at or by phone at 206.290.0575 for more information about Kareem. We are excited that he is a member of the Westwind Prep program.

Please click the below links for film of Kareem: 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Arturs Vitins - 2012

Arturs Vitins is a rock. At 6'8 and 240lbs, he is an immovable object in the paint. Arturs compares favorably to 2011 Westwind Grad and D1 signee Arnis Libazs. Arturs is a physical back-to-the basket post who is active and will grab every rebound in his vicinity. Arturs can shoot the ball with accuracy out to the ft line extended and the short corner area. He finishes well around the basket with a variety of inside moves, and has excellent hands. Arturs is somewhat athletic and can score with two hands above the rim, but prefers playing physical basketball in the post. Arturs is also an excellent passer out of the post, and creates space well in the lane. He holds his position, and can hold bigger defenders on his back.

Arturs Vitins needs to improve his foot speed and his athleticism. He can be slow against posts that face the basket which could lead to foul trouble. Arturs also needs to play around the rim a little better in order to battle with those taller than he is. Arturs needs to learn to handle the ball a little bit better, as at this point, he is not someone you want catching at the wing and driving to the rim. Arturs does, however, know his strengths and weaknesses. He plays to his strengths, and minimizes his weaknesses as all smart players do. Arturs has an extremely high work ethic and is easy to coach. I expect him to improve in these areas as well as his overall game. Expect Arturs to sign with a division 1 school by next spring. Check back to this blog to see updates on Arturs' improvement, interest, and offers.

Highlight Film

Arturs is currently holds an offer from Ohio Valley University, and has had interest from Seton Hill, NAU, and Montana.
To learn more about Arturs Vitins, please contact me at or by phone at 206.290.0575.

Click the link below to see a highlight film of Arturs.